All sexual offence cases are challenging, but some of them can feel especially complex. If you are the Senior Investigating Officer or Crown Prosecutor on a sexual offence case and you would like some help dealing with the challenges, weaknesses or complexities of a case you are working on then I may be able to help. I’m most useful when you already have a feel for the case and are looking to address the concerns of criminal justice colleagues or ways to help a jury understand particular complexities in the evidence. I’m not able to offer any kind of legal or medical advice. My strength areas are case theory, topics to cover in victim and suspect interviews, and dealing with stereotypical attitudes towards sexual offence when you are in court. To prevent any conflict of interests I do not offer any advice in relation to the defence of any case.

I find that an initial 90 minute telephone conversation is the best place to start. This can be sufficient to spark enough new ideas for you to carry on with the case without me; identify the areas of the case where I could usefully give you a lot more input; or confirm that I can’t offer you any useful assistance with the particular challenges you are facing.

A 90 minute consultation costs £150. If you decide you would like more input after the initial call I will provide you with a day rate.

Please get in contact with me if you’d like to arrange a consultation call. Please only use your official work email address when contacting me. Please do not send me any sensitive information in your initial email. I have a separate CJSM Secure Mail account should you need to send me any information via email at a later stage.